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    About nzo®

    The pocket-friendly device to take with you on the go.

    Making the transition to vaping and quitting smoking traditional cigarettes for good can be a daunting prospect. With so much information out there and different vape devices to choose from, it can be a difficult world to navigate, even for the most dedicated among us!

    Our history

    nzo Vape launched to consumers in October 2019 as a pocket friendly closed pod vaping system. By March 2020 nzo was available via 1,750 distribution points and had achieved a strong market share. After our break-through into convenience stores and supermarkets - nzo has become a household name. This has been highlighted by nzo being the Fastest growing pod brand in Sainsbury’s, whilst recently launching in ASDA, on top of this nzo's distribution via Nisa, Costcutter, Bestway Retail & WH Smith have only strengthened our position in this market. 

    Moving forward

    Even though the shift to closed pod systems grew in 2020, we also launched our very own 10ml e-liquid in 10 popular flavours, in order to diversify it’s offering catering for the open-pod-system. 

    In 2021 nzo launched it's first disposable vaping product - the nzo Novo, with 8 flavours and up to 600 puffs nzo Novo launched in Morrisions and has been popular amongst vapers ever since.

    We believe that our rapid growth is the result of both an innovative product range and a collaborative partnership approach. We believe that we are the only pod device appealing to both smokers and vapers with a unique proposition allowing unrivalled flavour choice whilst supporting a reduction in nicotine strength.

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