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our mission is to help a billion adults stop smoking cigarettes

about nzo

We created nzo to help you make the switch. Finding existing products too complex and not easy enough to use, we sought to create a device that made people feel comfortable.

we believe...

Millions of people could benefit by switching from cigarettes to vaping and should be able to enjoy it in a safe and confident way.

Switching from smoking cigarettes has been made to feel too hard for too long. nzo aims to make it enjoyable, simple and easy.

full-flavour liquids

Finding your favourite flavour is key to switching.

We're partnering with leading e-liquids brands to fill our pods with premium liquids and exciting flavours. Today, we're partnered with Red Liquids and Pachamama.


here to support you

Our mission to help you succeed. Read our guides and contact us if you have any questions.


why vape nzo

compact design

Sleek, portable and pocket-friendly
to take with you on the go

clean & lightweight

Closed pod vaping system, is sleek in look and light and tactile in the hand

full of flavour

Huge range of flavours from the brands you love and trust